[BR] Sour Diesel .25 ml / 10 drops
[BR] Sour Diesel .25 ml / 10 drops

[BR] Sour Diesel .25 ml / 10 drops

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Blue River has since there beginning been on the forefront in the terpene market.

They where the first to bring Cannabis derived terpenes to the market that fully resembles the plants true terpene profile, extracted with their proprietary process that completely captures the plants terpenoid profile.

Sour Diesel is a renowned clone only cultivar, infamous for its gassy & citrus dominated profile.

Package Content:

  • .25 ml / 10 drops of Terpenes in a high recovery vial
  • Micro Pipette Dropper


  • 100% Cannabis derived & chemical free (organic grown)
  • Full Spectrum Plant Profile
  • Industry leading non-volatile extraction technology
  • No Cannabinoids (THC or CBD) - 100% legal world wide

Each drop adds 2.25% of terpenes to 1 gram of extracts and can infuse up to 3 grams per drop.