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Soil Balance Pro

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Soil Balance Pro is a scientific breakthrough technology comprised of 62 combined strains of beneficial microorganisms.

A time has come where growers can utilize a tool that guarantees a pure, laboratory cultured, pathogen free combination of microbes to surround their plants roots.

The proprietary enzymes produced by the combination of bacteria in SBP have been proven to achieve elevated levels of terpenoid, flavonoid and phenol expressions.

Soil Balance microbes have been formulated to work specifically in hydroponic growing mediums as well as natural soils. SBP will offer your plants the vital life support system they need to overcome pathogen pressure and achieve full genetic potential.

  • Increase terpene levels & overall spectrum balance (terpenes create the aroma, flavor and oil efficacy).
  • 150% to 500% root biomass increase in under 30 days (university verified).
  • White roots for the duration of the crop cycle (Soil & Plant Health).
  • Growers speed up vegetative growth cycle, and increase density and overall yields.
  • Comprehensively tested and shown to have significant efficacy by 19 top rated Agricultural universities.
  • Over 100% increase in soil microbe populations per gram vs control.
  • Contains more microbes and more strains that any other plant probiotic product in the world!

The 62 strains combined in Soil Balance Pro are new discoveries in the field of advanced microbiology.

The ability to combine all of these strains in a stable form is a scientific breakthrough and sets us apart in the agriculture market.

The combination of these newly discovered strains produce enzymes, acids, hormones and chemicals, unique to Soil Balance.

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