GG #4 .25 ml / 10 drops
GG #4 .25 ml / 10 drops

GG #4 .25 ml / 10 drops

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We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with LA Refinery, an multiple award winning vape & terpene producer from Los Angeles, California (USA).

There extraction method has been refined over the course of multiple years, during their business in the vaporizer market. This due-diligent knowledge paired with craftmanship and a desire to delivery ultimate products, makes LA Refinery one of the best terpene producers currently.

GG #4 (Gorilla Glue #4), infamous, award & Cup winning (High times & co).

Grade: A

  • Scent: 10/10 (complexity & strength)
  • Flavor: 10/10
  • Color: Colorless
  • Extraction: Co2

Package Content:

  • .25 ml / 10 drops of Terpenes in a high recovery vial
  • Micro Pipette Dropper


  • 100% Cannabis derived & chemical free
  • Full Spectrum Plant Profile
  • Non-volatile extraction technology
  • No Cannabinoids (THC or CBD) - 100% legal world wide

Each drop adds 2.25% of terpenes to 1 gram of extracts and can infuse up to 3 grams per drop.

About LA Refinery TM:

Established in 2014, LA Refinery is a craft cannabis terpene refinery focusing on preserving full terpene profiles while maintaining the highest quality.

All of our terpenes is carefully refined with proprietary processes that ensure it is of the highest purity. We use no harmful chemicals, additives or dilutions in any of our terpenes. Our mission is to provide our patients & customers with the highest quality cannabis terpenes possible.