DeBudder Bucket Lid
DeBudder Bucket Lid
DeBudder Bucket Lid

DeBudder Bucket Lid

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For decades growers have used scissors by hand to cut each bud off of the stems. On average it takes about 1 (one) hour to debud one pound!

The DeBudder Bucket Lid™ solves many of the issues that growers of erbs, buds and flowers face.

Because of the extremely short window of time you have to package the product in an airtight container the DeBudder Bucket Lid™ can reduce the time from 1 (one) pound per hour to about 8 (eight) pounds per hour!

With several different V-shaped notches sizes, serrated and straight edge, you can easily, rapidly and gently remove the buds from the stems. With the notch cut in the shape of a V the larger buds will “pop” off at the bigger end of the V and the smaller ones will be cut off in the smaller or tighter end of the V notch.


  • Up to 80% time savings
  • Pays for itself in 30 minutes
  • Does not damage buds
  • Includes 1x DeBudder Lid + 1x compatible 20 liter bucket

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