Boveda 8 gram pack - 58% RH
Boveda 8 gram pack - 58% RH
Boveda 8 gram pack - 58% RH

Boveda 8 gram pack - 58% RH

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Boveda packs are essential for preserving terpenes and freshness.

Curing and storing your flowers at the perfect humidity, expresses the true nature of the terpene profile.

It is also a crucial part of the rosin technique preparation, where yields & quality are affected largely by moisture content.


  • Perfectly sized to fit small containers, jars & bags
  • Lasts 2-4 months depending on conditions*
  • Individually Overwrapped

*They can last 6+ months depending on how often the container is opened, you'll know it's time to replace when the entire Boveda begins turning hard.

Dimensions: 2,75 inches x 2,5 inches (6,98 cm x 6,35 cm)

Additional information:

The Boveda Technology

Frequently Asked Question - (F.A.Q)

Boveda MSDS - (Material Data Safety)

Herbal Weight Recommended Boveda
1-3,5 grams 1 gram pack
7-14 grams 4 gram pack
14-28 grams 8 gram pack
112-450 grams 67 gram pack

Terpene & Trichome Retention.

Studies show a 15% higher terpene and trichome retention when storing cannabis with Boveda rather than without.Why? Because Boveda creates and holds the ideal moisture content of your cannabis to optimize terpene retention.

Reverse Osmosis, Hyperfiltration Membrane.

Boveda’s hyper filtration membrane inhibits the passage of impurities, ensuring that your cannabis is exposed to only clean, pure water  vapor.

Improve Appearance & Aroma.

Retaining 15% more trichomes means that your cannabis will look, smell and sell better.

Simplified Curing.

Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control ensures that your cannabis will be brought to equilibrium at its optimum moisture content—and stay there.

Mold Inhibition.

Boveda ensures that the relative humidity in your containers and packaging will be held below the point at which mold accelerates its growth, regardless of the outside environment—something other products cannot claim.

Maximize profits by eliminating evaporation.

Before Boveda, our customers were used to losing an average of 10% of their inventory to evaporation. Boveda is a quality control program that makes you more money.

Product Description:

As the only true 2-way humidity control, Boveda has been exploding in the medical cannabis market because it maximizes efficacy, aroma, color and flavor while promoting a cooler burn.

Boveda has become a staple in many dispensaries, grow operations and personal storage because you can now store cannabis indefinitely.

As long as you have a Boveda pack with life in it you can keep perfectly stored cannabis forever. And since Boveda enhances the quality of cannabis, it's the first time you reliably can cure cannabis.

Boveda is ideal for storing and curing (aging) cannabis that has already been dried. While Boveda is effective in moisture removal, the standard method of hanging in a dry environment is most effective.

When you feel the plant is close to the intended moisture content for curing, Boveda will do the fine tuning for perfect long term storage. Grow it, dry it, package it with Boveda. You get perfect long term curing for the best possible cannabis.

3rd party testing has determined the ideal storage humidity at 59-63% RH based on maximizing color, aroma and flavor.